Отдел трудоустройства моряков Приморского морского пароходства работает в сфере подбора и трудоустройства моряков всех специальностей командного и рядового состава в иностранные судоходные компании. Основные типы судов, на которые производится подбор экипажей, - это танкеры, газовозы, балкеры, контейнеровозы, рефрижераторы, суда-снабженцы.

С 2003 года отдел трудоустройства моряков обеспечивает кадрами судоходные компании, известные во всём мире. Среди них: WALLEM Shipmanagement Ltd. (Hong Kong), MOLLNG Transport Co Ltd (Japan), NORBULK Shipping UK, ANCORA Investment Trust Inc. (Greece) и др. Убедившись в качественном подборе профессиональных кадров, они стали постоянными партнёрами Приморского морского пароходства и заинтересованы в дальнейшем сотрудничестве.

Отдел трудоустройства моряков работает на основании лицензии, выданной Федеральной миграционной службой на осуществление деятельности связанной с трудоустройством граждан РФ за пределами РФ, и имеет сертификацию классификационного общества Det Norske Veritas по следующим направлениям:

  • в отношении системы управления качеством;
  • на соответствие требованиям в отношении системы менеджмента;
  • на соответствие требованиям сводной конвенции Международной Организации труда.

Обращаясь за трудоустройством в отдел трудоустройства моряков ОАО ПМП, моряки получают предложения от компаний с надёжной репутацией. Долгосрочное сотрудничество с ними гарантирует специалистам флота постоянный профессиональный рост и высокооплачиваемые контракты.


Consulting services

PRISCO has more than 40 years of experience in maritime shipping business, including technical management and crewing of company’s own fleet and vessels of third party clients; shipbuilding supervision of various type vessels, particularly with ice class and winterization, designed for operation in harsh conditions of Arctic; supervision of repair and organization of vessel’s modernization projects.

Basing on the years of experience and constantly improving knowledge the professional team of PRISCO could support our clients with following services:

·        Organization and complete supervision of shipbuilding project including preparation and review of technical specification, drawings approval, supervision of construction of vessel at shipbuilding yard by experienced site-team.

·        Maintenance and repair of radio, navigation, electrical and automation equipment of vessels during voyage or repair at the ship-repair yard. Consulting for any issues relating to the mentioned equipment.

·        Audit of vessels and shipping companies for evaluation of efficiency and quality of Safety Management System including development, review and correction of SMS manuals as well as others company’s procedures and internal documentation.

·        Support and consulting of crewing departments and crewing companies including development of company’s normative documentation according to the international regulations as well as Russian labor legislation for vessels under Russian flag.

PRISCO’s Crewing Department also could provide full range of crewing service for international fleet and for vessels under Russian flag taking into consideration the specific Russian labor regulations.

·        Support of shipping companies in preparation of vessels for operation in Arctic or passage by Northern Sea Route. PRISCO’s specialists could provide consulting for any aspects of vessels operation in Arctic.

For Northern Sea Route passage PRISCO could provide full service starting from application for permit; organization of voyage; organization of specific crew training (courses for navigation in ice, survive in cold waters, winterization of vessel etc. could be done in PRISCO’s Training Center); inspection for confirmation of readiness of vessel for operation in Arctic; support of crew with onboard ice advisor (experienced Captain-trainer) during navigation in ice.

·        Consulting, vessels preparation and crew training ensuring readiness of vessel for vetting inspections.

In history of PRISCO within years of routine maritime business there were various unique projects that helped to accumulate the invaluable experience. In the list of such projects:

·        Ice trial of Aframax tanker «Primorye» in Tatar strait and bays of Sakhalin Island. During the trial the first experimental data of operation in ice of Aframax-class vessel were collected. The received knowledge was used for development of new training course of navigation big vessels in ice. The technical specification of shuttle tankers for Sakhalin was also adjusted and improved based on the result of that experimental voyage.

·        Participation of specialist of PRISCO in development of classification rules of Lloyd Register for winterization of vessels that completed by construction of first in the world vessels with LR winterization class. Participation in working group for development of OCIMF’s guideline for tankers operation in ice.

·        Supervision of building of vessels behalf of Charterers (Oil majors).

·        Modern voyages of Aframax-type tankers by Northern Sea Route in both directions.

PRISCO’s team of specialists will be happy to serve our customers with any kind of support – consulting, technical service and expertise, crewing, crew training, ship agency.

Please send your inquire to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +7 (4236) 694505 / 694510.